Gen Y Wanderer is born!


Hey everyone,

Thanks for dropping by. This is my first blog post for Gen Y Wanderer, so I thought I would give you a little background about where this idea came from and where I envision it going. First, here is a little about me:


 A selfie by the Berlin Wall.

A selfie by the Berlin Wall.

Who am I?:

I am a 25 year old Irish girl who loves to travel and make things. I have been to 19 countries and 4 continents (so far). I have been travelling more in recent years and sewing less, so I am hoping that this blog will give me the drive to do both!

I didn't start travelling until I entered my 20's. Growing up, we went on a few family holidays, but my Mum was not in a place in her life to take us on expensive trips. I am hoping that some day I will be in a position to bring her. I inherited the travel bug from my Granddad who would work his butt off so that he could bring my Nana on expensive holidays. Her favourite was their adventure to Canada, which she still talks about today.

 I love my family, friends, avocados and bad movies. Anyone who knows me would say that I am a goal driven person who loves projects and is always looking forward to the next adventure.

That's me, so what next?

Who is Gen Y Wanderer and where are we going?

When I first came up with the idea of Gen Y Wanderer, I wanted it to be primarily a travel blog. I have only been to 19 countries so far, so I thought blogging would help to push me to travel farther and wider and that it would be a great way to document my travels. I love reading travel blogs to fuel my own wanderlust, so why not join the community?

Then I started brainstorming and thought, how can I set myself apart from the other travel writers? What makes me different to the rest? Then I remembered my ultimate plan is to have two blogs, one for travel and one for dressmaking. Light bulb moment - Why not have both together?

 Flying over the Andes.

Flying over the Andes.

 A photo  from  a fabric factory in Cusco.

A photo from a fabric factory in Cusco.

When I travelled to Peru, I picked up some of the most beautiful handmade fabrics I had ever seen, in Cusco. I plan on making travel related items with the fabric and hopefully setting up an online store in the future. I am hoping to travel the world in pursuit of beautiful, native fabrics to continue creating awesome handmade items that I hope my readers will love as much as I do. 

I also plan to explore my own country (Ireland) and discover the beautiful fabrics that are right on my doorstep. 

Travelling and dressmaking are both passions of mine, so I hope that this blog will help me to pursue both passions collectively. I also hope that you enjoy keeping up with me and my adventures, along with my creations.



It is always good to start new projects with goals. So here are a few that I have jotted down in the very first stages of this development:

  • Create a beautiful travel blog where I document my travels.
  • Purchase fabrics from all over the globe.
  • Create handmade items from those fabrics and hopefully set up an online store.
  • Join the blogosphere and connect with other bloggers.
  • Have a following of travel obsessed adventurers like myself.
  • Have unique and interesting content.
  • Share my experiences in the hope of helping other travellers with their future adventures.
  • To learn, grow and experience the world around me.
 Myself and the gang trekking through the jungle on the Salkantay trail - Peru.

Myself and the gang trekking through the jungle on the Salkantay trail - Peru.


That's it folks! I'm looking forward to creating this blog and hopefully you will all come along for the ride. 

Here's to the next adventure!